WF&FSA Floral Distribution Conference

In the last few years, no one in the floral industry has changed more than the wholesale florist. Today, wholesalers are in a new position in the distribution channel, serving a vital and expanding role in floral distribution.

And no organization is as uniquely positioned to meet the needs of floral distribution today as WF&FSA. We understand the logistical, operational and marketing challenges that both wholesalers and suppliers face in a changing market.

We tackle the big issues – increasing profitability, improving logistics and reducing operational costs – as well as the every day ones, like helping you find new sources, new customers and new ways to sell.

WF&FSA’s programs, services, events and communications are designed to provide the solutions, guidance and information your business demands today – and into the future.

WF&FSA still is the one – and only – advocate for floral wholesale distribution.

Let WF&FSA become a valuable resource for you and your company.

Another attendance record was made at the 2016 Floral Distribution Conference – 863 attendees were on hand for this year’s event.

Miami, the USA
Miami, the USA


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