Turku Garden Fair

The theme of the 2016 gardening fair Piha & Puutarha was “Garden Party”. This is a good way to continue to the next fair, where we invited all professionals and enthusiasts interested in flowers, garden construction and gardening to the Turku Fair Center on 31.3-2.4.2017. Children have also been taken into account!

The Piha & Puutarha 2017 fair is a professional-level experience implemented in close co-operation with Lounais-Suomen Puutarhayhdistys, Livia College, the South-West Finland unit of Finnish Glasshouse Growers’ Association, and the Finland Proper unit of Finnish Florists’ Association. The professional operators introduce visitors to the latest industry trends, and enthusiasts have a chance to update and accumulate their knowledge.

Post Author: kasper607