The Cape Town Flower Show

The Cape Town Flower Show’s vision is to become a living legacy through which Cape Town can promote its natural beauty. Situated in the heart of the Cape Floral Kingdom, the show will take place in the centre of Cape Town City at the newly refurbished Castle of Good Hope.

The show is set to become South Africa’s leading flower show with the aim to artistically display the brilliant diversity of the Cape’s flora; inspire its visitors to value their outdoor spaces and environment; and provide a platform for the local horticultural industry to promote itself.

The show will provide inspiring, contextual, and relevant information and help promote the importance of sustaining our local biodiversity as a precious natural resource.

Destined to become a jewel event on Cape Town’s annual festival calendar, the goal is for the show to become one that is integrally associated with Cape Town as a world class destination.


Post Author: kasper607