Salon du Végétal

The Salon du Végétal is the annual meet up for professionals from the flowers and plants trade. Over 3 days nearly 500 national and international exhibitors and 13,000 professional visitors are brought together.
After a number of changes put in place in 2016 to strengthen our efficiency, the Salon du Végétal continues its search for excellence and so moves, for the first time, to Nantes in June 2017 (the 3rd week), to the « Parc des Expositions de la Beaujoire ».

The Salon du Végétal has a key role in bringing suppliers and buyers together from all the sectors of our domain : Gardens, Green spaces, Homes, Production and Floristry. How do we keep this promise? By offering a wide range of plants and associated products all in a convivial landscape. By holding the trade show in the 3rd week of June we really offer a bonus because it’s an especially good period for listings and for preparing upcoming seasons.

The Botanical Gardens of Nantes, France
Nantes, France

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