RHS Flower Show Cardiff

The RHS Show Cardiff has been held in the parklands of Cardiff Castle since 2005, and in 2015, attracted record crowds with more than 24,000 visitors from across the UK. The setting is particularly appropriate for the first outdoor show of the RHS season, as the parklands are hugely significant in horticultural heritage terms. The show offers an opportunity to get outdoors and enjoy the best of horticulture in Bute Park, ‘The Green Heart of the City’.

Fast facts

  • ‘Capability’ Brown worked on the Castle Green in the late 18th century
  • Bute Park has the largest number of champion trees (the tallest or broadest examples of their species) of any public park in the UK
  • R A Scamp Quality Daffodils, awarded Best Exhibit in the Floral Marquees for the past five years, grows up to 3,000 blooms for his exhibit every year
  • 439 wheelbarrows have taken part in the Schools Wheelbarrow Competition since it started in 2007

Cardiff , the United Kingdom
Cardiff , the United Kingdom

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