Our World of Plants

Waterdrinker will once again be fully present at the week-long annual event, Our World of Plants (OWoP)! This time, the entire Cash & Carry will be transformed into a festival area with inspiring presentations, innovative concepts and, naturally, the magnificent products which visitors have come to expect. And this year’s theme, Botanic Awe, conjuring up an overwhelming feeling of reverence and admiration before the great, the powerful and the sublime, could not be more fitting!

The Waterdrinker stand shall feature two portions, a house and a concept shop. The house shall feature several rooms, all of which have been treated to an extreme make-over with plants and flowers. Much of what is seen here shall also be contained in the second edition of Green Gallery magazine, which Bloemen Bureau Holland (= Holland Flowers) will be publishing a few weeks later, so that visitors to the stand will be able to enjoy an exclusive preview of the issue.

In the concept store, visitors will find demonstrations of how the concepts presented in the house can be translated in commercial terms – but of course in an entirely new and refreshing way, with surprising features, such as a barista and a traditional barber…

For this year’s edition of the OWoP, the entire Cash & Carry will be transformed into one big festival area, providing a lovely showcase for growers to display their products. Sixty Danish growers from Floradania will also be at the OWoP, with an exciting presentation in their own 250-square-metre area. The garden centre concepts for which Waterdrinker is so well-known shall this year have their own section – directly accessible from both Cash & Carry and the FloraHolland Trade Fair.

OWoP is the international trade fair for decorative plant cultivators, where both product and concept innovation are writ large. In the first week of November, more than ten thousand visitors are expected at our stand. International specialist dealers know that the Waterdrinker stand is truly the place to be, for both inspiration and networking. Waterdrinker is in increasingly demand when it comes to launching new cooperative projects, such as the Jurema Action Plant (a riding plant) and the Plant Cinema from previous editions. This time, a singing plant is to be unveiled!

Aalsmeer, the Netherlands
Aalsmeer, the Netherlands

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