Orchid Extravaganza

Be wowed this winter by our largest and most show-stopping display of orchids ever, featuring more than 4,500 vibrant orchids, all on view inside our warm Conservatory, Peirce-du Pont House, and Visitor Center.

As one of the first plant collections at Longwood, orchids have held a place of distinction since 1922. Our talented horticulturists celebrate the beauty and variety of orchids with an artful display that includes a towering 12-foot-tall archway made up of pink Phalaenopsis orchids, giant orbs of orchids, our spectacular purple and white orchid curtain, and more than 200 colorful Vanda hanging from above in our Silver Garden.

Visit in March and see our rare sky-blue poppies in bloom in our Conservatory (check back here later this winter for the exact dates).

Kennett Square, the USA
Kennett Square, the USA

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