Japan Grand Prix International Orchid Festival

We started the Japan Grand Prix International Orchid Festival in 1991. Thanks to your support and cooperation, the festival has developed into a flower event drawing international attention as a harbinger of the arrival of spring. We are aiming to be a bridge for international exchange and familiarization and the improvement of breeding technology through the exhibition of orchids from Japan and abroad.

Japan Grand Prix International Orchid 2016, there were attractive, high-quality works from 20 countries, and we hosted a large number of visitors from Japan and abroad. There were roughly 100,000 orchids on display. We believe that the attendees thoroughly enjoyed these works and were fascinated by the variety of orchids. We had opportunities to meet with attendees, who included people without knowledge of orchids as well as orchid lovers. It was a wonderful occasion in which new friendships were formed through orchids.

For the 27th festival, we are preparing special contents.
Not only exhibits and sales booths, we would like you to enjoy our special products, event stages etc.
We are looking forward to seeing you at our orchid festival.

Tokyo, Japan
Tokyo, Japan

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