Iran Green Trade Fair

The dates of the show are not yet confirmed for 2020.

Iran Green Trade Fair (IGTF) will be held at the Tehran International Permanent Fairground in Tehran, Iran. The exhibition was developed in order to bring the Iranian and international Horticulture industry together, to boost Iran’s production of vegetables, fruits, flower and plants. The organizer HPP International Exhibitions Group B.V. will for this event again work together closely with its Iranian partners KhazarEurasia.

When thinking of Iran, business burdens might come easier to your mind than business opportunities. However according to Dick van Raamsdonk there are many opportunities. Last week the Iran Green Trade Fair (IGTF) was organised. “It was the best edition of all former shows so far. We received professionals from all over Iran. There are many opportunities here for horticultural companies and we hope international suppliers will see these as well.”

Tehran, Iran

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