International Pot Plant And Garden Expo

IPGEXPO——The best trading platform of extending the market of Pot Plants, Floral and garden Supplies!

Topic: Flowers & Plants Enrich Your Life!

Supported by the China Flower Association, IPGEXPO is the extension and supplement of the “Hortiflorexpo”. IPGEXPO focus on providing a good service for the growers, manufacturers and dealers of pot plants, garden and floral supplies, making a one-stop order-placing-meeting for Christmas, New Year and Spring Festival in China, creating an ideal platform for related enterprises to communicate with other international participants in the world!

>> A valuable commercial opportunity
Along with the economic prosperity, the demand of urban forestation and garden decoration has increased, which has generated the large market in China. Currently, a large number of residences expect to live in green and comfortable environment. In addition, East China and South China are the biggest growing and distribution areas of Pot Plants in China as well as two of the main areas of floral and garden production & supply in the world. Every year there are a lot of buyers and dealers who come from other countries around the world to gather here to purchase products and actively seek new suppliers. At the same time, because of the closer connection between China and other countries in this field, the growing market demands have created a very valuable commercial opportunity!

>> A rapidly growing industry
According to incomplete statistics, the global garden supplies market capacity was USD 47.49 billion in 2010 and it is estimated to exceed USD 61 billion in 2015. Also, the market volume of Chinese garden products was about USD 0.42 billion in 2010 and it is predicted to exceed USD 1.5 billion in the year of 2015.

Guangzhou, China
Guangzhou, China

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