Hortiflora Expo

Over 100 companies exhibited in the fair and more than 1200 qualified visitors walked the aisles during the 3 day trade fair. Most visitors were directly related to the floriculture industry but a growing number was also linked to the vegetable and fruit industry. The exhibition was opened by the Ethiopian minister of trade.

The Ethiopian Horticulture & Floriculture Industry developed in the past 15 years towards a full grown player and put itself on the world map as one of the leading exporters of cut flowers.

The area for greenhouses grew in the past 15 years with an average of about 50 hectares per month. Consequently exports accelerated the need for airfreight capacity considerably and the process of accomplishment is well on track. It can be said that the Ethiopian government – by putting a lot of emphasis on the development of the Ethiopian Floriculture & Horticulture Industry – is responsible for a great deal of this enormous achievement.

Besides the Ethiopians themselves, in particular the Israeli and Dutch growers have made big efforts to establish Horticulture & Floriculture businesses in Ethiopia in recent years. As far as the Floriculture sector is concerned, Ethiopia went through a similar development as Ecuador went through back in 1992. Although the circumstances were not exactly the same, there are many characteristics that looked alike. To name a few: climate, altitude, landscape and proximity of an international airport in relation to the location of the flower farms, are circumstances that one can also find in Ecuador, a country that also developed a highly successful export industry of cut flowers.

It was decided by both organisers of HORTIFLORA EXPO 2018, EHPEA & HPP, that the exhibition will be held for the sixth time as a Biennial Trade Fair. For this reason HORTIFLORA EXPO 2018 will take place from Wednesday March 14 to Friday March 16 at the Millennium Hall, very close to the international airport.

With this venue it has found an excellent location to promote Ethiopia’s Floricultural & Horticultural Industries and able to show the world what it has to offer during HORTIFLORA 2018. The Expo will not only serve as a platform for exhibiting national and international suppliers who want to meet Ethiopian growers, but as well for exhibiting Ethiopian growers who want to meet international buyers of flowers and fresh produce!

Production of vegetables and fruits still takes place on a modest scale, but is momentarily growing rapidly as well. Therefore HORTIFLORA EXPO 2018 will also include these 2 horticulture sectors in its exhibitors & visitors profile. With the current available stand spaces, the trade fair has room to grow and allocate not only more and bigger sized stands, but as well exhibit more sectors that are important for the perishable export industry of Ethiopia.

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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