Hong Kong Flower Market

The Hong Kong Flower Market Road is a small but uniquely focused place for every horticulturalist professional or amateur to visit. Wholesale and retail of every type of garden flower and plants, combined with accessories, containers, pots, fertilizers, garden tools and furniture are at ever turn. Overflowing streets packed with cut and growing flowers make for amazing sights even for those with no special interest in flowers.

The flower shops on Flower Market Road in Mong Kok open mostly normal business trading hours. But most shops have staff there early to start accepting deliveries at around 7am.

In addition shops still stay open after office hours so that people leaving work can still buy flowers, and the shops don’t close until 7:30 pm in the evening or when the customers start to stop buying!

Both cut flowers and growing plants are to be found in the shops on Flower Market Road, while some shops specialize in a particular type or even in a specific genus such as orchids or roses, the majority offer a range of different types seasonally. The best place in Hong Kong to find any type of Flower Shop – Flower Market Road, off Prince Edward Road West, in Mongkok.

Hong Kong, China
Hong Kong, China

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