Gasa Group Denmark August Fair

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This year’s August fair will be a source of inspiration with indoor and outdoor plants that complement today’s trends. Diversity is hot and all are looking for the special. We will present ‘the unusual’ from Denmark, the Netherlands and Germany.
Hanging plants in all its forms – green and blooming; cacti and succulents for indoor and outdoor; gardens of various themes – the edible, the wild, the neat, including shrubs and trees, and last but not least Added Value with an edge.

The future lies for our feet. GASA Young Plants have transformed the garden into an experimental universe where tomorrow’s news may be viewed and assessed.
Information and knowledge – We have invited John Stanley who is considered to be one of the world’s leading advisers within the retail trade – including specifically the sale of plants. John Stanley specializes in advising the flower industry on the changing economy, climate, culture and lifestyle. How does the consumer look and act in the future and what challenges do we have as an industry? John will give a one-hour lecture in connection with GASA’s event on Wednesday evening – so book the evening for a unique mix of knowledge, social conviviality and good food.

Odense, Denmark
Odense, Denmark

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