Summery flower magic in the heart of Brussels, from the creators of the Brussels Flower Carpet.

Every other summer, in alternation with the Flower Carpet of the Grand-Place, the Town Hall of Brussels receives Flowertime. So from now on, flower lovers have a floral rendezvous each year!

A garden of dreams in the Town Hall
The enchanting building is transformed into an idyllic place for a stroll. The entry hall, the corridors, the offices, meeting and reception rooms are adorned with dozen of floral arrangements, each of them unique and surprising. These magnificently coloured and scented pictures are created by internationally renowned landscape architects and floral artists. They offer visitors a chance to admire what’s new, and what are the trends and flowers of the moment.

Brussels, Belgium
Belgium, Brussels, Mont des Arts, park and townhall tower, lower city in the evening

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