The World Expo Floriade Amsterdam Almere will open it’s doors in the spring of 2022. Floriade, the World’s Fair of horticultural shows, is the largest public event in the Netherlands. The exhibition, which takes place only once every 10 years, will make its third appearance of the 21st Century from April to October, 2022. The location will move from Venlo to Almere, a modern “garden city” near Amsterdam that was built on land reclaimed from the sea.

Floriade 2022 

What can green thinking do for you and for the world? Floriade Almere 2022 aims to answer that question! For six months during the World Expo the impact flowers and plants, healthy food, green innovations and groundbreaking architecture will be central to your life in the city. You will learn, experience and contribute to what is destined to be the greenest and most innovative city in the Netherlands. The impact will be international, as the whole planet wants to understand how we can live together in the greenest, healthiest way. The impact of flowers and plants, healthy food, green innovations and groundbreaking architecture will be central to your life in the city.

Organisation and Objectives 

Floriade Almere 2022 will be organised by Almere Local Authority in collaboration with Floriade B.V., the Province of Flevoland, the Dutch horticultural sector and other partners. The theme of this seventh international horticultural exhibition is “Growing Green Cities”, and will involve an exploration of the pressing questions associated with global urbanisation, such as energy and food supplies and climate change. The Floriade will be a living laboratory, a test bed for research into innovative systems in the area of residual waste streams, water purification and mobility and most particularly food production. Floriade 2022, held in the heart of Almere, will combine the best of two worlds. On the one hand we have the drive for innovation in the horticultural sector in the Netherlands in the areas of food production, health and sustainability, and on the other hand the desire of Almere to be a “green” city: pleasant, healthy and self-sufficient.

Not like previous years 

This next Floriade will differ in many ways from previous years. Since Floriade 2022 will ultimately come to form a district of the city many of the structures and much of the infrastructure will already be in place when a start is made on the development work, so avoiding unnecessary expense. This development will not be restricted to a defined zone or a defined period, and much will already have been organised and realised under the heading of Growing Green Cities during the run-up to the exhibition proper. Visitors from Almere and further afield will therefore already be aware of the position of the Floriade as an international platform for green initiatives and innovation.

More information about the project from the architecture firm MVRDV read here.

Almere, the Netherlands
Almere, the Netherlands

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