FLORALL is the trade fair for ornamental plants and arboricultural products. The Belgian trade initiative is organized twice a year and provides a comprehensive overview of the spring and autumn range of horticultural and arboricultural products. At this fair professional growers and various suppliers of the horticultural industry present their product range to an international trade audience. In addition to production companies, important trade and export companies also participate in the FLORALL fair. Finally, the main suppliers of the horticultural sector are represented as well: suppliers of potting soil, automation products, accessories, air conditioning systems, etc.

The spring fair always takes place in early March. The autumn fair will take place in late August (always on a fixed Wednesday). The fair is a one-day event and, as always, excellent catering and clear signage will be provided.

FLORALL provides visitors with a quick and efficient overview of all available ornamental plants and arboricultural products. This is supported by a practical and free fair catalogue.

FLORALL is a Belgian trade fair founded by the AVBS (Belgian Nurserymen and Growers’ Federation) and the KMLP (Royal Society for Agriculture and Botany).

Annually, more than 150 growers participate in the fair, so the range is expanded. Depending on the month (March or August).

Gent, Belgium
Gent, Belgium

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