Flora Olomouc

The 41st edition of the international flower exhibition Flora Olomouc. The international horticultural exhibitions Flora Olomouc are among the most significant and oldest actions of Výstaviště Flora Olomouc. Those exhibitions include frontend cultivated flowers, ornamental woods, landscape gardening and arranging. The historically first exhibition took place on 1958 in Olomouc gardens. We invite you to the visit of Flora Olomouc Exhibitions Grounds.

Each spring, Olomouc hosts the Flora Olomouc Festival, the largest garden exhibition in the Czech Republic. In addition to flower arrangements and exhibits, there is a pavilion offering garden advice and products. Outside of the exhibit halls, a gardening market and food stall cater to gardeners and park visitors.  The exhibition grounds and buildings for Flora Olomouc are in Smetana Gardens. A second floral show is held in August each year.

Olomouc, Czech Republic
Olomouc, Czech Republic

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