Europa Cup 2020

European Florist Championship

Poland! That is where the next edition of the European Floristry Championship, in 2020, will be organized. The members of the International Florist Organisation chose to award the Europa Cup 2020 to Poland, after being presented with an impressive plan for the championship by Polish florist association SFP.

Details of the Polish proposal
Host city for the 2020 Europa Cup in Poland will be the city of Katowice, a center of culture, industry, and trade in the metropolitan southwest of the country. Katowice is traditionally famous for being ‘the city of coal and steel’, but has developed into a modern business and tourism center. The city regularly hosts big events and offers artists plenty of space for dynamic, innovative activities.

Katowice is also the first Polish city to join the UNESCO Creative Cities Network as a city of music: it is known internationally for its longstanding musical tradition. Every year, the city is home to big events like the Rawa Blues Festival and the OFF Festival for alternative music. The great combination of European floristry and music is sure to infuse the 2020 Europa Cup Championship.

Katowice, Poland

Katowice, Poland


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