Eurasia Plant Fair/Flower Show Istanbul

Eurasia Plant Fair/Flower Show Istanbul 2016 was the 8th edition in this highly successful series of trade events serving Turkey and the region’s professional horticultural and floricultural sector.  Taking place annually, the Eurasia Plant Fair/Flower Show Istanbul is strategically located in this established trade and commercial hub for the region. When last held in 2016, the exhibition attracted 282 exhibitors from 17 countries, making it by far the largest and most international exhibition for the region’s rapidly expanding ornamental plants and landscaping market.

On display were a record number of plant varieties suitable for all weather conditions and soil types, indoor and outdoor varieties, the latest horticultural and floricultural materials and technologies for plant production and harvesting, along with landscaping equipment and services. Given its excellent reputation the exciting opportunities these emerging markets can offer, it was no surprise that all available exhibition space was sold at Eurasia Plant Fair/Flower Show Istanbul 2016 and additional venue space is being provided for 2017. This comprehensive display of professional horticultural, floricultural and landscaping goods and services,  attracted 11.257 buyers and specifiers from 48 countries with a record 577 of those visitors coming from outside of Turkey including, the wider Eurasian region, CIS, Balkans, Middle East and North Africa.

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