Decorum Winter Fair

Decorum Plants & Flowers organizes a Winter Fair every year. On this fair diverse members of Decorum show their inviting  diverse assortment of green plants. In the middle of winter, people are looking forward to having stylish green products for in their homes. During this fair, a lot of inspiration is offered for the next year.

Our Decorum members mentioned here provided the Winter Fair 2018 with beautiful, diverse assortment of green plants: Gebr. Valstar, Nederpel Succulenten, Gerrit Stolze, Hillplant, Gova, JoGrow, H.L. Hogervorst, Kwekerij Duijn-Hove, Duynplant, Persoon Potplanten, R. Mooijman and Richplant.

Moreover, Decorum’s sustainable energy label will also be shown. Decorum strives to make the world a better and more beautiful place. Decorum growers grow flowers and plants with love and respect for the environment. The label urges growers to use less plastic and to reduce their CO2 footprint. More information about the Decorum Feel Green sustainability label can be found on the website or your questions will be answered when you visit the fair.

And of course, this house fair offers a cozy, winter atmosphere with matching snacks and drinks. The Winter Fair will be held around the middle of December.

The Hague, the Netherlands
The Hague, the Netherlands

Post Author: kasper607