Decorum Summer Fair

The dates of the Summer Fair are not yet confirmed for 2020.

Decorum Plants & Flowers also organizes a Summer Fair every year. During this fair Decorum offers visitors inspiration for the summer. All Decorum growers are able to tell visitors all about the Decorum flower product range and novelties. In addition to Decorum’s range of flowers, a selection of the plant assortment is also shown.

Moreover, Decorum presents how it guarantees quality products and will  explain everything about its unique logistics system. During the Summer Fair 2018, Dutch champion of floral art Hanneke Frankema (see pictures) gave an amazing showing using flowers from Decorum growers. The Summer Fair has a bright, stylish feeling to it and will take place around the middle of June.

I hope the additional information and pictures will help you write the best possible story about both fairs. When you have any more questions you can reach me with the contact information below. Thank you for the interest in the Decorum fairs.

Aalsmeer, the Netherlands
Aalsmeer, the Netherlands

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