Autumn in a summerhouse

Exhibition Company “Krasnoyarsk Fair” invites you to take part in “Autumn in a summerhouse” (Осень на даче).
At the end of the summer season, the exhibitors will present here vegetable and crop products, plant protection products, equipment, holiday inventory and much more. In addition, the exhibition “Autumn in a summerhouse” will be able to help gardeners in advance to buy the necessary equipment and work plan for the coming holiday season.

Main sections of the exhibition: 

  • Seedlings of coniferous trees and fruit trees, shrubs
  • Potted plants, decorative ceramics, basketry
  • Plant protection products, fertilizers, soil
  • Gardening tools, tool
  • Suburban construction, roofing materials
  • Garden design, garden furniture
  • Equipment and technology for storage and primary processing of vegetable products
  • Tableware and household chemicals
  • Garden crops (potato, cabbage, carrots, etc.)
  • Technology preservation of agricultural products, packaging and storage
  • Production of livestock breeding farms, beekeeping products
  • for Gardeners Clothing
  • People fishing

The program of the exhibition will be held: 

  • master classes by amateur gardeners and professionals;
  • cooking classes for the preparation of blanks for the winter;
  • specialized conferences, seminars and round tables.

Krasnojarsk, Russia
Krasnojarsk, Russia

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