Aalsmeer Flower Festival

Aalsmeer Flower Festival shows flowers and plants at their best en surprises visitors with applications in art, design and food. The 7th edition takes place in the weekend of June 2020 (11.00 – 17.00 hrs).

Flowers and art in Aalsmeer
Aalsmeer is best known for its international flower auction, FloraHolland, but the Flower Festival puts the village itself in the spotlight.

Historical garden and the Flower Art Museum
The locations of the festival have everything to do with flowers. The Historische Tuin is the horticultural museum of Aalsmeer. Here you find greenhouses with beautiful old flower varieties, a mini auction room, fields with special plants and trees and much more.

The other location is the Flower Art Museum, which was opened last year, the first museum in the world dedicated entirely to contemporary art inspired by flowers. During the festival, the artworks in the museum are combined with beautiful floral art. There are various activities at both locations, such as live music, auction sessions and activities for children.

Aalsmeer, the Netherlands
Aalsmeer, the Netherlands

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