23rd World Orchid Conference

23rdWOC conference

The main purpose of holding WOC “World Orchid Conference” is to gather cooperation from around the world to protect and study endangered Orchidaceae plants. The big difference in height above sea level in Taiwan makes tropical, sub-tropical, temperate and cold climates exist in the country at the same time. This has enriched the unique ecosystem diversity of the country. And such one of a kind natural environment has become the perfect place for orchid to grow. In the small island, Taiwan, over 400 types of Orchid have been discovered. And this is why it’s called “Orchid Island”.

Having ample wild Orchid resources and conservation research experiences, Taiwan has earned the honor to hold the 23rd World Orchid Conference, 23rdWOC. In 23rdWOC, Taiwan hopes the conference to not only discuss the conservation of Orchid, but have more exchanging and sharing, and even deepen the responsibility and ideal to build a platform.

Taichung, Taiwan
Taichung, Taiwan

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