Southport Flower Show

Southport Flower Show, held at Victoria Park in Southport, is the largest independent flower show in the United Kingdom. It was originally started in 1924 by the local council, but since 1986 has been operated by Southport Flower Show company, which is a registered charity. It is held annually for four days in late August and has attendances of over 80,000. The patron of Southport Flower Show since 1996 is Professor Stefan Buczacki.

The UK’s largest and longest running independent flower show, each year it attracts many celebrities from all over the world, from television and film to music and sport. As well as flowers, the show includes other attractions such as cookery demonstrations, gala dinners, music and horse riding displays.

One of the show’s highlights is the spectacular Grand Floral Marquee. It’s a treasure trove of quality plants and flowers, trees and shrubs, bonsai, cacti, vegetables and herbs. Visit the Grand Floral Marquee to look, see and smell not only superior quality specimens, but also some of the more unusual plant varieties before you buy and, just importantly, get on the spot advice from the people who actually grew the plants.

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