Enflor & Garden Fair

Enflor – National Meeting of Florists, Wholesalers and Accessories Companies,  gathers florists, floral artists, decorators and retailers around the country.

Garden Fair – Fair of Technology in Gardening and Landscaping,  is  intended to landscapers, architects, outdoors decorators, real estate developers and maintainers of gardens and green areas.

Both events are annual and  take place simultaneously in the  space Ypê, Pavilion Expoflora in Holambra.

The Enflor and Garden Fair events are key steps in working with the retail market and the main mission is to empower, professionalize and promote flower and plant market.

Event Profile
Enflor Garden Fair is going to invite more and more professionals from different corners of the world who are going to gather here and experience some finest products and services associated with floriculture, decorating, gardening and landscaping. The event is going to held on 16-18 July 2017 at Expoflora Pavillion, Sao Pualo, Brazil.
Exhibitor Product profile
Exhibitor product profile based on Fertilizers, Trees, Balloons, Flowerpots, Fresh Flowers, Dried Flowers, Seedlings, Palmeiras, Seeds, Vases, Candles, Glasses, Garden Furniture and Grass Cutting Machines.
Visitor Profile
Visitors are coming from various country to see the various of flower and decorative products. Visitors Florists, Decorators, Party organizers, Buffets, Promoters, Producers, Wholesalers / Distributors are the target visitors on this show.


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